ESPN Uniform Expert Paul Lukas Joins Us (AUDIO)

Did you know there was such a thing in sports as a “Uniform expert?” Well, there is, and ESPN NFL Uniform expert Paul Lukas has that title.

We talked with Lukas today about the Patriots wearing white in the Super Bowl. Is that good news or bad news? Could teams wear throwback uniforms in the Super Bowl? Why are teams going to their throwback uniforms more and more?

We also talked about the new initiative that Celtics are taking advantage of: putting advertising on their jerseys. The Celtics will have a GE patch on their jerseys starting next season. Will fans have to buy jerseys with patches on them?

Lukas also talked to us about the Red Sox jerseys and if new pitcher Chris Sale will have any jerseys that he wants to shred (Remember he famously cut up White Sox throwbacks before a start last year).

LISTEN HERE to Paul Lukas:

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