No Human Trafficking Charges Coming in Massage Parlor Fallout

Robert Kraft’s legal team met in court today with regards to the prostitution sting at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, and we’ve learned that there will be no charges anywhere in connection with human trafficking as was initially feared:

Michele Steele on Twitter

Prosecutors just admitted at a hearing about the Robert Kraft video they will not charge anyone at Orchids of Asia with human trafficking. Prosecutor: “we have no evidence that there’s human trafficking involved.

But Steele also adds this:

Michele Steele on Twitter

To be clear: the prosecutors said they investigated claims of human trafficking because there was initially a basis for it, which necessitated the installation of the video cameras and other evidence gathering methods.

Look — the prosecution comes off looking bad here, but at the end of the day, I’m just happy that human trafficking wasn’t a part of this story. That’s the real story here.

As for Robert Kraft, his legal team is working to get video of him performing sexual acts with employees at the spa thrown out and not used in court.

Michele Steele on Twitter

Kraft’s legal team has viewed the video – his attorney in court today Bill Burck: “It’s basically pornography.” “I don’t think there’s interest the state has, or the media has, in publishing it…there’s no need to actually see the video.

Kraft can still be punished by the NFL and can be found guilty of solicitation of prostitution charges. He has pleaded not guilty.