AB: Pats Gotta Pay Me, Might as Well Let Me Earn It (VIDEO)

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Instagram LIVE on Wednesday to update his followers what he’s been up to since the Pats released him.

Training in Florida, he says that he’s been going to school at Central Michigan, and that he wants another chance in the NFL.

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Antonio Brown just took a shot at the Patriots on Instagram … and apparently wants them to re-sign him đź‘€ https://t.co/3ThFIPrRx6

And he wants the Patriots to re-sign him, saying that “They gotta pay me, they might as well make me earn it.”

Brown has a grievance filed against the Patriots to recoup the $10 million they are trying to withhold from him, and he’s likely to win all or part of that money back, so that’s why he’s lobbying for the team to “let him earn it.”

New England is 5-0 and will take on the Giants on Thursday Night Football.