Bosa Calls Brady “Ridiculous” (VIDEO)

The Patriots dismantled the Chargers on Sunday in the AFC Divisional playoffs, winning 41-28, to advance to the AFC Title Game against Kansas City. And it wasn’t just the fans who recognized how special what we were

Former Chiefs DT Bill Maas Joins Us (AUDIO)

‘The Huddle’ is joined by former Chiefs DT and former No. 5 pick in the NFL Draft, Bill Maas, who helps us get ready for Sunday’s AFC Title Game between the Chiefs and Patriots. LISTEN HERE: Remember

Dickerson: We Want Another Crack at the Pats

Former Rams and Colts running back Eric Dickerson is one of the best players in NFL history. He’s a Hall of Famer but he’s also become extremely outspoken, and now he’s spoken out against the New England

Could Kyler Murray Need $15 Million to Play Baseball?

Reports surfaced on Sunday that Oklahoma QB, Heisman Trophy winner and Oakland A’s prospect Kyler Murray was looking for $15 million to forego playing football in order to play baseball. Later reports indicated that number wasn’t entirely

Kyrie to Celtics: Championship or Bust

The Boston Celtics had a bad loss to the Orlando Magic this weekend to fall to 25-17 on the season and now the frustration is mounting. And team leader Kyrie Irving is here to make sure that

Brady: I Know Everybody Thinks We Suck (VIDEO)

The New England Patriots topped the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, 41-28, to advance to the AFC Title Game for the eight consecutive season. This has been a tumultuous season for New England, who suffered five losses