Kylie McDaniel of Fangraphs Joins Us (AUDIO)

Everybody who listens to the station has learned over the last 18 months that Brady is a big fan of numbers and analytics. Therefore, Brady is a huge fan of Pro Football Focus and a huge fan

Bruins Acquire Rick Nash; Sign Brian Gionta

The Boston Bruins struggled yesterday in a 4-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres but it wasn’t the play on the ice that was the big story, it was what the team did before the game that had

Matthew Ross of TSN 690 Talks NHL With Us (AUDIO)

The NHL Trade Deadline is coming on Monday and the Boston Bruins entered Saturday right on the tails of the East leading Tampa Bay Lightning. We talked on Friday’s edition of ‘Champlain Valley Game Night’ with Matthew

Should Pats Extend Cooks This Offseason? (AUDIO)

Thursday on, Bill Barnwell put into motion five things he’d like to see the Patriots accomplish this offseason and one of them was signing Brandin Cooks to a long-term deal. Cooks, acquired from the Saints last

How Big is Bruins Trade of Vatrano? (AUDIO)

On Thursday, the Boston Bruins traded Frank Vatrano to the Florida Panthers for a third-round pick. Vatrano scored a ton in Providence but hasn’t lived up to the hype in Boston. How big was the trade and