‘Champlain Valley Auction’ is BACK!

The ‘Champlain Valley Auction’ is BACK and you can save tons of money on tons of great services and experience in and around the Champlain Valley! Head on over to and start saving now on great

Farkas: This is What Kyrie Signed Up For (AUDIO)

On Tuesday, Kyrie Irving spoke to the media for the first time since the NBA season ended and was non-committal about his future in Boston. He says that financially it doesn’t make sense to sign an extension

BREAKING: Norwich’s Mike McShane to Step Down

Breaking news out of Norwich University as today it will be announced that Cadets men’s hockey coach Mike McShane will be stepping down. His retirement will become official as of July 31st, per a report from the

Should Red Sox Trade Devers For Machado? (AUDIO)

On Thursday, reputable baseball writer Ken Rosenthal of “The Athletic” suggested that it was possible for the Red Sox to trade young 3B Rafael Devers to the Orioles for free-agent-to-be star Manny Machado. The move has obvious

What’s the Best Sports Movie Ever? (AUDIO)

Thursday was the 30-year anniversary of the release of the iconic baseball movie, “Bull Durham” so that got us thinking: What are the best baseball movies ever? And how about the best sports movies? LISTEN HERE as