Red Sox Pillar Opens Up on Players Side of Things

Things are getting contentious between the Major League Baseball owners and Players Association when it comes to getting back on the field and the finances of it all. Red Sox OF Kevin Pillar, a longtime MLB veteran

An Update on UVM Men’s Hockey Assistant Job

The University of Vermont men’s hockey program is still looking to fill out its staff under new head coach Todd Woodcroft. Last week we reported that UVM was talking to as many as six names about the

Here’s the Owners Proposal on Money For Players…

The Major League Baseball owners submitted their first proposal to the Players Association regarding their financial hope for the season. The players have already agreed to pro-rated versions of their salaries for 2020 and do not want

Here’s The NHL Plan to Get Back…

The NHL released it’s plan to get back on the ice on Tuesday in a conference call from commissioner Gary Bettman. The league would bring back 24 teams in two, 12-team hubs. The league would have 24