Do We Think John Becker Stays at UVM? (AUDIO)

Earlier this week, we spoke to the University of Vermont athletic director Jeff Schulman, who spoke with us about the future of head basketball coach John Becker. Schulman says the university has worked hard to make the

Big Deal, Little Deal, No Deal (AUDIO, 3-22)

Each Thursday at 4:35, ‘The Huddle’ plays “Big Deal, Little Deal, No Deal” in which we take five stories in sports and decide just how important they are overall. This week’s topics: –The Giants traded Jason Pierre-Paul

Keith Harris of the Walking Dead Joins Us (AUDIO)

We were joined today on an exclusive online-only interview by Keith Harris, who plays Dr. Carson, on “The Walking Dead.” He joined us to talk about his role on the show, his sports fandom, and certain plot

BREAKING: Giants Trade Jason Pierre-Paul to Bucs

This is breaking news: The New York Giants are trading defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants and Bucs trading fourth-round picks and the Giants are receiving an additional third-round pick. Adam Schefter