Farkas: When Court Storming is Embarrassing (AUDIO)

Brady Farkas explains on ‘Champlain Valley Game Night’ why the Virginia Tech students court storming in a win over No. 5 Duke on Monday night was embarrassing. LISTEN HERE: Remember you can follow the station on Twitter

Should Martinez Hit 3 or 4 in Sox Lineup? (AUDIO)

On Monday, the Red Sox formally introduced slugging outfielder JD Martinez to the world at a press conference in Ft. Myers, Florida. We discussed the intro press conference in ‘The Huddle’ and also talked about it on

Farkas: McDaniels Should Be Furious at Belichick (AUDIO)

On Monday it was announced that the Patriots offensive staff, including offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, would not be traveling to Indianapolis for the scouting combine, which kicks off on Wednesday. Our own Brady Farkas talked on ‘Champlain