Can the Giants Top the Cowboys Again? (AUDIO)

With the Patriots and Ravens slated for Monday Night Football this week, we’ve spent much of the early part of the week talking about the huge matchup in the NFC East between the Cowboys and the Giants.

Raiders-Chiefs and Fantasy Football Week 14 (AUDIO)

Finally, a huge NFL game being played on a Thursday Night! Not only is Chiefs and Raiders huge for the NFL standings and for Patriot fans worried about possible homefield advantage, it’s also huge for fantasy owners

Why Dak Prescott Shouldn’t Be NightClubbing

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot and quarterback Dak Prescott are taking over the NFL this year as the Cowboys are 11-1 and in prime position for the top spot in the NFC playoff picture. And with that

Yankees Bring Back Chapman on Record Deal

Well, Aroldis Chapman didn’t get the $100 million deal he was reportedly seeking, but he did get a record deal for a reliever, nabbing $86 million from the Yankees over five years. MLB Trade Rumors on Twitter

Could David Ortiz Even Un-Retire?

Look, I personally don’t think a cryptic instagram post from David Ortiz means that Big Papi is going to come back to baseball. I get that the Red Sox acquisitions lately probably have him excited and wishing

NBA Champion Antonio Daniels Joins Us (AUDIO)

Should Klay Thompson have been allowed to stay in the game the other night to chase history when he had an unprecedented 60 points in 29 minutes? Should Isaiah Thomas aspire to play basketball like Allen Iverson?