Benintendi Named Baseball’s No. 1 Prospect

Remember all offseason, when the story was that the Red Sox acquired starting pitcher Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox, but they had to give up the No.1 prospect in baseball (Yoan Moncada) to get him?

The Roll the Falcons are On…

If the Patriots are going to beat the Falcons, they are going to have to do two things. One, control the ball and two, be able to put up points. Why? ESPN Stats & Info on Twitter

Why the Patriots Aren’t Getting Rid of Gronk Yet

The Patriots do face some seriously tough questions this offseason. What do they do with Jimmy Garoppolo? How much longer can Tom Brady continue at this blistering pace? Should the Pats re-sign free agents Martellus Bennett, LeGarrette

Nadal Wins Thriller to Set up Dream Final

Rafael Nadal won an epic five-set thriller against 15th-seeded Grigor Dmitrov on Friday morning to advance to the finals of the Australian Open. His opponent? Roger Federer. Chris Fowler on Twitter The @AustralianOpen “Impossible Dream Finals” schedule:

Breaking Down the Early Film (AUDIO)

Next week we can really start to break down all the big matchups in Super Bowl 51. Who should the Pats worry about more, Julio Jones or the backs out of the backfield? How will the Falcons

ESPN Uniform Expert Paul Lukas Joins Us (AUDIO)

Did you know there was such a thing in sports as a “Uniform expert?” Well, there is, and ESPN NFL Uniform expert Paul Lukas has that title. We talked with Lukas today about the Patriots wearing white

Knicks Reached Out to Celtics About ‘Melo

Multiple outlets are reporting that the New York Knicks are determined to move forward Carmelo Anthony and they have reached out to several contenders with the hopes of making a deal happen. One of those they have

Red Sox to Oddly Retire Ortiz’s Number in June

David Ortiz is coming off an incredible season in which he led the American League in multiple offensive categories. In fact, he was so good that many people questioned his retirement. And despite Ortiz’s repeated comments saying