Red Sox to Open 2018 in Tampa Bay, Then Miami

The All-Star Break is a slow-time for baseball news as all 30 teams try to reset themselves and gear up for a second-half charge. Over the coming two weeks, we’ll really discuss what the Red Sox need

Author John Eisenberg Joins Us (AUDIO)

Cal Ripken’s Iron Man streak is one of the most impressive things in sports history. Players just don’t play every day anymore. Author John Eisenberg wrote a new book on his streak, and on the guy who’s

Why I Feel Bad For Utah Jazz Fans (AUDIO)

I remember the day that I read that my favorite player, Alex Rodriguez, was leaving my favorite team (the Mariners). I remember the feeling of realizing that sports wasn’t just a game and that it was about

Power Play, 07-07

Wow! It took a long time but we finally got a winner at Power Play, the New and Exciting Game Sweeping the Country! In honor of this week being the 28th anniversary of the first episode of

Bad Precedent Being Set in the NBA (AUDIO)

Zack Randolph spent eight good years with the Memphis Grizzlies and in that time, he established himself as a franchise icon on and off the court. Randolph just announced he was leaving the Grizzlies and signing a