Our Friend the UVM Provost Joins Us (AUDIO)

Ever since Arnie and I started at 101.3 ESPN, about nine months ago for each of us, we’ve had a friend at the University of Vermont by the name of Dave Rosowsky. He’s the Provost and Senior VP

Lake Monsters GM Joe Doud Joins Us (AUDIO)

Earlier this Saturday, Vermont Lake Monsters GM Joe Doud caught up with our ‘Sports Saturday’ crew to talk about what would be going on this season at Centennial Field for the Vermont Lake Monsters. LISTEN HERE:

Legendary Essex Coach Bill O’Neil Joins Us (AUDIO)

Legendary local high school coach Bill O’Neill recently announced his retirement. O’Neill is a former soccer, hockey and softball coach at Essex High School and he joined Jeff Paul and Austin Danforth this weekend on ‘Sports Saturday.’

Rich Joins Us From Connecticut! (AUDIO)

We made it through our first week without Rich, but we sure do miss him. So we gave him a call today on ‘The Huddle’ to hear about his first week in Connecticut. He told us about