Why Derek Carr’s Comments Are Off-Base (AUDIO)

Earlier this week, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said that any fans who don’t follow the team from Oakland to Las Vegas aren’t true Raider fans. “We’re not going to split up like you’ve seen other cities do,”

NBA Expert Chris Mannix Joins Us (AUDIO)

The Boston Celtics are currently down 2-0 in the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Chicago Bulls. How did we get to this point? Where the top-seed is down 2-0 to the No. 8 seed? Is the Celtics

David Price Has Some Elbow Soreness

The Red Sox received great news back in Spring Training when we learned that left-handed pitcher David Price did not need Tommy John Surgery. However, we still have no idea when we will see the $217 million

Mookie Betts Finally Strikes Out

It took 130 plate appearances, but Red Sox slugger Mookie Betts finally struck out on Wednesday night in Toronto, when Francisco Liriano fanned him with a slider in the fourth inning. He had gone 129 straight trips