UVM Star Brian Wright Signs MLS Senior Contract

It was a big day on Wednesday for former UVM soccer standout Brian Wright. He signed a senior contract with Major League Soccer (MLS), practically assuring himself to be selected in next week’s MLS Draft. He will

Should This HS Have to Change its Nickname? (AUDIO)

A high school in Lexington, Kentucky nicknamed its school athletic teams the “Stallions.” I can only presume that they landed on “Stallions” because it’s a tough animal and projects the kind of toughness that the school wants

Bringing Grayson Allen Back Was the Right Call

Grayson Allen may be a spoiled brat. He may be an entitled Duke punk. And he may be easy to dislike because he plays at Duke. But that doesn’t mean his one-game suspension for tripping players was

Can Norwich Hockey Win the D-III Title? (AUDIO)

The Norwich men’s hockey team has started the 2016-2017 season with a complete vengeance. After not making the NCAA Tournament for the first time in nearly 20 years last season, the Cadets are now No. 2 in

Spurs Mascott Brilliantly Mocks Mariah Carey (VIDEO)

Hey, I’m not into celebrity gossip or celebrity news. But Mariah Carey’s performance on New Year’s Eve was comically bad. Right? She lip-synced and the music didn’t jive right and she ended up walking off the stage.