Could Baseball Have Radical Changes Soon?

Baseball is in the process of talking about a series of rule changes that are designed to make the game more fan friendly. Some of those possible rule changes focus on making the game quicker, and some

ESPN’s Buster Olney Joins Us (AUDIO)

Ahhh, with football season over it’s time to focus on baseball. The bags are packed and the trucks are loaded on their way down to Spring Training. And with that, it’s time to talk to our ESPN

Are the Bears a Suitor For Jimmy Garoppolo?

I’ve been convinced for weeks now that Jimmy Garoppolo was going to be traded to the Cleveland Browns. It makes the most sense, because the Browns have two first-round picks and could afford to part with one

Giants Give DC a New Deal

After finishing second in the NFL in scoring defense, the New York Giants have signed defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to a new deal. His contract expired at the end of the Super Bowl. Spagnuolo, 57, took over

Why the Patriots Will Keep LeGarrette Blount

LeGarrette Blount had a very up-and-down year for the Patriots in 2016. He gained a very impressive 1,161 yards on the ground this year and had 18 touchdowns in the regular season. He featured prominently in the

Learning About the UVM Arena Proposal (AUDIO)

There’s been speculation for years in the Burlington area about why the UVM men’s basketball and hockey teams can’t get a new arena or ice rink… Should the teams play in one similar facility? Should they have

Yankees Sign Chris Carter to One-Year Deal

Right before Spring Training, the New York Yankees have signed slugging first baseman/DH Chris Carter to a one-year deal worth $3 million. Carter played last season for the Milwaukee Brewers and led the National League in homers