Does the NBA Have a Steroid Problem?

Does the NBA have a steroid problem? I don’t know. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about it. And I guess I’ve never really thought about it because we’ve never really hard about it. But George

Rockets Player Shoots Underhand FTs (VIDEO)

Last night, Rockets forward Chinanu Onuako made his NBA debut, and he did so in a style that we haven’t seen in 30 years… No Title No Description Onuako has been shooting this way since his sophomore

Could the Yankees Bring Back David Robertson?

Last week, we heard that the Yankees were talking to the White Sox about a way to get left-handed starter Jose Quintana. And now we’ve heard that the Yankees may be willing to take on former Yankee

The Patriots Can’t Rest Starters on Sunday

The Patriots are in a very unique spot on Sunday. They are 13-2 and have clinched a first-round bye, but have not clinched homefield advantage yet in the AFC. Also, they are the playing the Miami Dolphins,

Red Sox, Yankees Could Meet in London in 2018

Apparently it’s been in the works for a few years and in 2018, the Red Sox and Yankees could be taking their rivalry across the pond for a series in London. Now, logistics about lost revenue and

ESPN Broadcaster Doug Sherman Joins Us (AUDIO)

Doug Sherman is a college basketball broadcaster for ESPN and he was the guy behind the mic when Grayson Allen committed his latest tripping infraction. It was Allen’s third such incident in a calendar year and it

NFL Maps in the 802/518 This Weekend

It’s a different week in the NFL this week thanks to Christmas. There are games on both on Saturday and Sunday but just because it’s a Holiday week, it doesn’t mean the league takes a break from

Indians Sign Slugger Edwin Encarnacion

After acquiring Chris Sale, we’ve pretty much anointed the Boston Red Sox as the 2017 American League Champions and penciled them in for a World Series matchup with the Cubs. Maybe we shouldn’t have done that… No