Why UVM Won’t Hit the Top 25…

Look, I want to see the University of Vermont men’s basketball team do well. I hope they perform well in the America East season and they have a legitimate chance to win the America East title and

A-Rod to Host Reality Show on CNBC

Well, last week we learned that Alex Rodriguez definitely wouldn’t be coming out of retirement in 2017 to play baseball, which was somewhat surprising given that A-Rod is only four home runs from the iconic number of

BREAKING: Goodell Will Not Come to Foxboro

Well, we’ve been wondering for a week now if Roger Goodell will attend a game in Foxboro and face the Patriot fans who want nothing more to verbally destroy him for his role in Deflategate. And now

Will Goodell Come to Foxboro? (AUDIO)

Today was Monday, which meant at 5:20, it was time for our favorite game, Monday Mirages. As always, we debated five questions from the sports weekend, this time everything was focused on the NFL playoffs: After seeing