Lane Kiffin Will Not Coach ‘Bama in Title Game

After helping lead Alabama to a convincing win over Washington in the College Football Semifinal on Saturday, Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will no longer be involved with the program. No Title BREAKING: Lane Kiffin out

Do the Red Sox Lack Leadership?

David Ortiz was the face of the Red Sox since the early 2000s. He was the catalyst behind multiple World Series championships and was one of the best players in baseball for a decade. His loss will

Coach K to Take Leave of Absence

The Duke basketball team is 12-2 this season but has been dealt adversity all the way throughout, and now, they will have to deal with a little more: Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski is taking a leave of absence

NFL Playoff Schedule Set

After a crazy regular season, the NFL playoff schedule is set. In the AFC, the Patriots and Chiefs received first-round byes while the Cowboys and Falcons received them in the NFC. Here’s the matchups: No Title Patriots

McDaniels to Interview in LA, SF and Jax

Sunday was a complex day in the NFL. Some teams saw their seasons come to an end, some coaches lost their jobs, and some teams cemented playoff fates. For the Patriots and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, it

Picking Week 17 with Brandon Lang (AUDIO)

All season long, Rich and Arnie have been locked in a battle for supremacy while picking NFL games against the spread. After Week 16, Arnie is 25-22-1 while Rich is 20-26-2. The loser of the picks after the

Rooting For Ronda Rousey Tonight

I really don’t care for the UFC. Call me soft or weak, and maybe I am, but I don’t enjoy watching people beat each other up. Boxing is different because of the true gloves, at least to

Despite Reports, Romo Will Play Sunday

Despite saying that Mark Sanchez would see a majority of the snaps on Sunday in the Cowboys finale against the Eagles, it does appear that Tony Romo will play now. How much remains to be seen, and