Yankees Bring Back Chapman on Record Deal

Well, Aroldis Chapman didn’t get the $100 million deal he was reportedly seeking, but he did get a record deal for a reliever, nabbing $86 million from the Yankees over five years. JavaScript is not available. The

Could David Ortiz Even Un-Retire?

Look, I personally don’t think a cryptic instagram post from David Ortiz means that Big Papi is going to come back to baseball. I get that the Red Sox acquisitions lately probably have him excited and wishing

NBA Champion Antonio Daniels Joins Us (AUDIO)

Should Klay Thompson have been allowed to stay in the game the other night to chase history when he had an unprecedented 60 points in 29 minutes? Should Isaiah Thomas aspire to play basketball like Allen Iverson?

Why the Celtics Won’t Win a Championship (AUDIO)

At 12-9, the Boston Celtics are currently in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. But the goals for the Celtics are certainly much higher, as they aspire to compete for a championship with Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford,

Should Fans Dictate Moves that Teams Make?

The saying goes “The owners that listen to the fans are destined to become them.” And with that, we get this comment out of Baltimore that says that the Orioles won’t pursue Jose Bautista because their fans

How Has Trading Top Prospects Worked Out?

The Red Sox traded the top prospect in baseball yesterday in Yoan Moncada, acquiring Chris Sale in the process from the Chicago White Sox. It’s close to the ultimate “win-now” move as Sale has three years left

Report: JPP Out Rest of Regular Season

Often times, it isn’t always who the best team is at the beginning of the season, or even the end of the season. A lot of the time? It’s simply who the healthiest team is. And for

Tom Caron Talks Impact of Red Sox Trades (AUDIO)

The Red Sox were extremely active today at the Baseball Winter Meetings in Maryland, acquiring reliever Tyler Thornburg from the Brewers, ace Chris Sale from the White Sox and first baseman/DH Mitch Moreland on a free agent