Vegas Golden Knights Logos Unveiled

Well, we’ve known for a few months now that Las Vegas would be home to an NHL team in 2017 — and now we know what the name of that team will be: The Vegas Golden Knights.

Could Baseball Be Headed For a Lockout?

Baseball hasn’t had any real labor turmoil since the strike of 1994-1995, but could we be headed for turmoil in the next week? JavaScript is not available. Report: Lockout On The Table As CBA Nears Expiration

UVM Men Cruise to Tournament Final

The University of Vermont men’s basketball team got 33 points from redshirt sophomore Ernie Duncan en route to a 87-73 win over Hofstra at the Gulf Coast Showcase in Florida on Tuesday night. The win advances the

Raiders Now Own Top Spot in the AFC

There is something brewing in Oakland, people — and that could be a problem for Patriots fans here in New England. With a win last night on Monday Night Football, the Raiders are now in possession of

Notre Dame to Forfeit Wins From 2012 and 2013

The Notre Dame football team that played for the BCS Championship in 2012 never really played for the championship, according to an NCAA edict that said the Irish will have to forfeit wins from the 2012 and

Could the Pats Lose Both Coordinators?

The New England Patriots are the middle of a late-season stretch run that could see them end up as the front runner for the Super Bowl out of the AFC. The Patriots have had long-term sustained success

Please, No More ‘Butt Fumble’ (VIDEO)

The holidays are a great time. We all get to enjoy family time — and friends time — and football — and food. But there’s a few annoyances at the holidays well. Maybe a member of your

Rich and Arnie Play Monday Mirages (AUDIO)

Every Monday at 5:20, Rich and Arnie get a five-pack of questions from Brady about the weekend in sports. We call the game “Monday Mirages” and we end each question with “REAL or MIRAGE.” Today’s five pack

Is Manny Ramirez a Hall of Famer?

There are 15 prominent names returning to the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot in 2017, including Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, Trevor Hoffman, Edgar Martinez and Lee Smith – but there are also 19 new names, including former