Trending Preseason Poll Announced

Earlier this week we chronicled the Division III hockey preseason rankings courtesy of, and today we get the rankings from our friends at JavaScript is not available. @d3hky preseason polls released, MHKY ranked 13th

Dion Lewis Still Not Practicing For Pats

The Patriots offense is clicking since the return of Tom Brady. The 6-1 Pats travel to Buffalo this week with nearly all key offensive personnel healthy. The only glaring weakness on offense this year has been the

Why It’s OK When Athletes Speak Their Mind (VIDEO)

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played terrible this season. He has 11 interceptions this season and that led to his benching for Sunday’s Jets game against the Ravens. But Fitzpatrick will get his job back after backup Geno Smith

Jon Lester Can’t Throw to First Base

The Indians topped the Cubs last night in Game 1 of the World Series by a score of 6-0, getting two home runs out of Roberto Perez and a great outing out of Corey Kluber in the

Can the Celtics Compete with the Cavs? (AUDIO)

As the NBA season gets set to kick off tonight with the Cavaliers and Knicks and the Warriors and Spurs, are we destined for another Cavs-Warriors final? Can a team like the Celtics compete with Cleveland in

How to Manage in the World Series + More (AUDIO)

When you’ve gone through 162 games of the regular season, 30 games in spring training and two series already in the postseason, do you do anything different as a manager in the World Series? To answer all

Jose Fernandez Named Comeback Player of the Year

The tragic death of 24-year-old Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez continues to be felt all around baseball. And on this, the first day of the World Series, the star pitcher received yet another remembrance. JavaScript is not