How Big a Deal is Losing Your GM? (AUDIO)

The Red Sox have a lot of needs this offseason. They need new bullpen arms, some help in the middle infield depth department and have to try to replace David Ortiz’s production at DH. The general manager

Dion Lewis Not Ready to Return to Practice

For Patriot fans wondering who should play once Dion Lewis is healthy, Lewis or James White, the question doesn’t have to be answered just yet: Mark Singelais on Twitter: “Albany native not quite ready to return Bill

Roethlisberger OUT This Sunday vs. Pats

Ever since Tom Brady came back in Week 5, life is just perfect for the Patriots. They have dismantled the Browns and Bengals and continue their run against the AFC North this weekend against a now severely-depleted

Why the Jets Should Stick with Fitz

The New York Jets were smoked last night national TV by the Arizona Cardinals. The Jets lost 28-3 and could have their season be effectively over before the midway point of the season. I said at the

Report: Curt Schilling May Run For Senate in 2018

Look, I’m not into blending politics and sports, so I present this without comment: Ted Nesi on Twitter: “Here’s the full quote from Curt Schilling just now on WPRO about his possible US Senate run against Elizabeth