Gronk Catches Passes From TB12 in LA Workout

Okay, the Patriots offseason drama regarding Rob Gronkowski is starting to hit a fever pitch. 1) Gronk retired earlier this offseason. 2) Gronk has lost a lot of a muscle as he hasn’t been working out for

Should the C’s Have Traded Kyrie Early? (AUDIO)

Over the weekend, we heard comments from New York Knicks forward Bobby Portis, who said that the NBA players knew that Kyrie Irving was heading to Brooklyn as early as February. If that’s true, should the C’s

Should the Celtics Go After Westbrook? (AUDIO)

Now that Paul George has been traded from the Thunder to the Clippers, ‘The Huddle’ examines whether or not the Thunder will break up their entire roster and trade Russell Westbrook next. If they are willing to