Dillon: Don’t Lump Me in with Antonio Brown

When the Patriots signed troubled wide receiver Antonio Brown this week, it brought up memories of other troubled players that the Patriots had brought in and “turned around.”

Randy Moss. Rodney Harrison. Josh Gordon. Corey Dillon.

Except Dillon doesn’t want to be lumped into that line of thinking.

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Corey Dillon sets the record straight on his Patriots career https://t.co/uheQoWEmWb

Dillon, who requested a trade from the Bengals, says he only wanted to win and that’s why he wanted out of Cincy. He says that he didn’t act the way that Brown did and doesn’t believe that the Patriots had to “save him.”

This all came in a recent article with the “Athletic.”

“No, no, no. They didn’t change nothing,” Dillon tells The Athletic. “Let’s get this understood, man. I love Bill Belichick. Respect his coaching knowledge. Love him to death. I love Bob Kraft. But listen, (Belichick) wasn’t my therapist. It wasn’t every day I was sitting down in his office and he was giving me therapy on how to act, or how to play football. What actually happened was I was in a place where everybody shared the same common goal, and that was winning football games. It was all about playing the game and winning. And that was my personality in Cincinnati, so it made it easy to go over to New England. My personality meshed with the way they do things around there.”