Gronk Catches Passes From TB12 in LA Workout

Okay, the Patriots offseason drama regarding Rob Gronkowski is starting to hit a fever pitch.

1) Gronk retired earlier this offseason.
2) Gronk has lost a lot of a muscle as he hasn’t been working out for football anymore.
3) Gronk says he isn’t sure how he’ll feel come September when there’s no football for him.
4) He is now in Los Angeles catching passes from Brady.

NBC Sports Boston on Twitter

🗣️ “Tom needs someone to throw to.” Rob Gronkowski confirms he worked out with Tom Brady at UCLA 👀

So why did he throw with his former QB?

“It was great working out,” Gronkowski told TMZ Sports. “Tom needs someone to throw to so, you know, he calls Mr. Reliable, Robbie G the one and only!”

OK…. so are we still convinced Gronk is retired or what?

Patriots training camp opens up in just more than two weeks.