Here’s Why the Pats Have No Money Left…

The Patriots signed top draft choice Kyle Dugger, completing this years draft class signings early. New England has all 10 picks signed but also has very little cap space available, a little over $600,000. For a team that isn’t paying a QB big money, why do the Pats have so little space left?

Here’s the answer:

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Q: Why so little cap space?A: Over 1/8th of adjusted cap number allocated to dead money 2.) 3 active players w/ at least 12M cap hit3.) 38 active players w/ at least 1M cap hit4.) Only 6 transactions that created cap space (Harmon, Gostkowski, Kessler, Develin, Davis, Chung)

In terms of dead money: The Patriots are still paying Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Michael Bennett and a slew of others.

In terms of the players with the high cap hits? That goes to Stephon Gilmore, Dont’a Hightower and Joe Thuney.

Now it’s all starting to add up as to why the Patriots can’t acquire a Cam Newton…

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