Orlovsky: Breaking Down Where WRs Are Failing Brady (VIDEO)

The Patriots are struggling offensively, having scored fewer than 22 points in each of their last four games and the questions are coming out about whether or not the problems lie with Tom Brady, the offensive line, the WRs or something else.

While Brady is getting a lot of the blame for things, former NFL QB and current ESPN star analyst Dan Orlovsky did an excellent job of breaking down where his receivers are letting him down:

Dan Orlovsky on Twitter

Angles angles angles @Patriots @patspulpit @RochieWBZ You tell me https://t.co/AhkagYdZAG

And more HERE:

Dan Orlovsky on Twitter

One thing a QB needs is to have his WR’see things the same way as they do…to trust that they do. Buzzword for sure… @Patriots don’t have that right now. @MikeGiardi @PATRIOTSdotCOM @RochieWBZ #NFLGAmepass https://t.co/lUH49iGGeb

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