Pats C: Best Gift Brady Has Bought OL (AUDIO)

Monday night is the busiest media night of the week when it comes to coverage at the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Brady caught up with several players on both teams to talk for varying degrees of time about the matchup ahead and he even caught up with a friend of the show:

1) Paulie Pabst of the Dan Patrick Show: One of the DP Show producers joins Brady to talk about his house in Vermont, his favorite Vermont beer and much more.

2) Then Brady catches up with the players, including Pats RB Rex Burkhead, who discusses scoring the game-winning TD in the AFC Championship Game and more

3) Then he’s joined by Patriots RB James White, who talks about the chemistry in the RB room and more.

4) Then Patriots center David Andrews gives a quick take on the best gift that Tom Brady has gotten the OL.

5) Then Brady talks to the Rams and hears from former Pats WR Brandin Cooks about his time in New England.

6) And he talks with Rams WR Robert Woods about what he sees from the Pats secondary and he relives some of his memories of practicing against Stephon Gilmore.

7) And finally, he talks with Rams OL Rodger Saffold about what he sees on film from Trey Flowers and how the Rams offense has evolved.