The Pitching Philosophy the Sox Are Looking For (AUDIO)

The Boston Red Sox re-assigned pitching coach Dana LeVangie yesterday and will opt for a different voice in the pitching room.

We spoke to our Red Sox Insider at NESN, Tom Caron, on ‘The Huddle’ yesterday to discuss the move and here’s that talk:

And we get more today on the change from WEEI:

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The specific change the Red Sox are looking for from their pitchers – @bradfo

Bradford notes that the Red Sox pitchers in 2019 pitched too conservatively and too “fine.” They were looking to hit the outer edges of the strike zone and therefore, had a ton of walks and were constantly putting foot traffic on base.

“The Red Sox totaled the second-most strikeouts, but also the second-most walks. (Conversely, the Astros had the most strikeouts but the second-fewest walks. That is obviously what the Sox are aspiring to.)

– The Red Sox were 25th in the majors in terms of the percentage of pitches placed in the heart of the strike zone on the first pitch.

– The Red Sox threw the most balls in baseball.

– The Red Sox finished with the most called strikes.”

This tells you that the Sox were living at both extremes, which is a hard way to live in the Majors.

We’ll have more on ‘The Huddle’ today from 3-6 PM.