Twins Pitcher: Yankee Fans Just Hate People

The Minnesota Twins were swept by the New York Yankees in the ALDS this week and after the series, Twins pitcher Tyler Duffey gave his assessment of New York fans:

NBC Sports Boston on Twitter

⚾🗣️ “Yankee fans, they just hate people.” Twins pitcher Tyler Duffey had good things to say about Boston, but a very different take on New York.

From the above tweet:

“I’m trying to think of a nice way to say it. They hate you for no reason, which is what you want,” said Duffey, who added, “Someone told me they were going to do something to my wife while we were in New York. They take full advantage of whatever they paid for that ticket and they get their full money’s worth.”

According to Duffey, the hostility was ratcheted up in the Bronx unlike what he’s experienced at Fenway Park.

“Boston’s fun, they’re baseball fans,” Duffey said. “Yankee fans, they just hate people.”

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