Was Cora Suggesting Yankees Were Cheating? (VIDEO)

Alex Cora was let go as manager of the Red Sox on Tuesday night for his role in the sign-stealing scandal that he was part of with both the Astros and Red Sox.

But remember back in June when the Red Sox had just been pounded by the Yankees in a two-game series in London? When Cora said this?

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Here’s video of the Alex Cora soundbite we just played on @WFANmornings. This was following the Yankees’ sweep of Boston in the 2019 London Series. Check out the wink after he brings up Carlos Beltran’s name around :27 and unprovoked usage of the word “devices.” (h/t @Pacmangrig) pic.twitter.com/HgkglIoB7O

Carlos Beltran, who was reportedly integral to the Astros championship run — and the sign stealing — as a player back in 2017, was on the Yankees staff as an adviser to GM Brian Cashman last season.

We’ll have more on ‘The Huddle’ today from 3-6 PM.